160 golf clubs now offer footgolf

By Alistair January 16, 2016 04:04 Updated

More than 150 UK golf clubs offer footgolf, the new sport that combines football and golf, even though it only came to the UK less than three years ago.

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Golf clubs have to offer giant holes because the balls are footballs and not golf balls, but beyond that the UK FootGolf Association says there is minimal disruption to a venue.

“The sport which combines two of the UK’s most popular pastimes is now available in more than 160 golf courses across the UK, and shows no signs of relenting, with more than 200 certified courses predicted to be offering the sport by the summer of 2016,” said Gareth May, head of UK development at the UK FootGolf Association.

“The setup cost from just £2,995 plus VAT, is small in comparison to the revenue returns available. Once setup, the footgolf course needs minimal maintenance and upkeep.

“Courses in 2015 have reported up to 300 footgolf rounds on a given day, and upwards of an additional £70,000-plus in green fee revenue, matched with significant increases in food and beverage spend.”

May added that the main demographic of a person that plays footgolf is an adult male aged 18 to 45, “so offering footgolf will help to re-invigorate a market that is sorely missing from mainstream golf,” he said. “Footgolf is also proving a hit with under 16s, with huge numbers of children playing the sport for leisure with family, with football clubs or for birthday parties.

“This can only be good for golf, as footgolf cannot exist without the ability to be played on a golf course. The sport follows the exact same rules and principal as golf, but instead of using a golf club and golf ball, the objective is to kick a standard size football in to an oversized cup. The sport needs the hazards and features of golf courses to make it interesting and challenging. The hole locations are not placed on the golf greens, and players cannot wear football boots, so in fact it creates far less damage than seen in golf.

The number of footgolf courses in Scotland alone is set to double, from four to eight in the next few months.

“We’ve got four courses up here just now but by next year, I think we’ll have eight,” said sales director of the UK FootGolf Association Paul Doherty. “I’m talking to two golf clubs in and around Edinburgh at the moment so I’m pretty certain by next year we’ll have at least one there, while I’m also speaking to Dundee’s council about two courses there and one not far from Perth.”


By Alistair January 16, 2016 04:04 Updated

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