‘Amenity Standard’ to be launched in October

By Alistair September 22, 2019 14:27 Updated

The Amenity Forum is set to launch the new ‘Amenity Standard’ in October.

The standard, akin to the ‘Red Tractor’ in the food sector, will provide assurance to all that operations are being undertaken to recognised assurance scheme levels, said a spokeswoman.

Also, the forum will be publishing a document and template to help operators and others in producing integrated management plans.

Professor John Moverley, the independent chairman of the forum, said: “Over the last 10 years the forum has developed strong recognition for the work of those in the amenity sector. We embrace all sectors of our diverse and essential sector and have pushed forward standards and engagement and commitment to best practice. We now seek to fully drive this forward and a key objective is to increase public awareness of the professionalism of our sector and provide the facts about what is undertaken – exciting times.’’

“Recently our chairman met with a number of experienced operators, stakeholders and managers in the amenity sector and inevitably high on the agenda was, yes you guessed it, Brexit, but also that word, change,” added the spokeswoman.

“Pressures in our sector continue to grow with rising public and political interest in what we do and how we do it as well as financial and other pressures.

“Change can create uncertainty and concern but how different is this to where it has always been? Change is inevitable; it is how we respond that really matters.

“The work that is undertaken in amenity, especially in terms of weed, pest and disease management impacts upon every UK citizen every day but is largely unseen and often taken for granted. The professionalism of our sector is there to be seen across all our diverse areas of activity and yet for those operating within it, there can seem to be many pressures and criticisms. It is important that not only those within the sector are proud of what they do but that we communicate this across to the public and all concerned.

“With that in mind, the Amenity Forum is seeking to lead a campaign over the coming months to fully communicate the importance of amenity and its management. It will build upon the previous successful launch of ‘Get Moving’ and use a range of channels to emphasise the need for amenity management to create safe, healthy public spaces fit for purpose. Development work is on-going and more information will be available soon.”

By Alistair September 22, 2019 14:27 Updated

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