Bernhard launches new automated sharpening system

By Tania March 5, 2019 17:00 Updated

Bernhard and Company has launched the Anglemaster 4500 – a revolutionary automated sharpening system.

Sporting an unrivalled control system, the Anglemaster 4500 delivers even sharper accuracy. The use of RFID technology allows different users and set-ups to be easily recalled, making the new bedknife grinder the most flexible system within the range. Meanwhile the smart motors provide variable speed, enabling users to match the most efficient speed to the stone required for the material of the blade.

Working alongside the Express Dual 4250, its new drive adaptors and fully automated feed system through touchscreen operator interface mean that sharpening your mowers has become much smarter than it has ever been before.

Steven Nixon, director for Bernhard and Company, said: “We have had a fantastic year at Bernhard and we are confident that the new additions to the range will provide equipment managers and mechanics with a greater choice of machines that adapt to different ways of working.”

Matt Bloomfield, engineering manager for Bernhard and Company, added: “We were extremely pleased to see the response we had at BTME to the Anglemaster 4500.”


By Tania March 5, 2019 17:00 Updated

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