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By Tania January 1, 2019 19:18 Updated

Used by many leading golf courses and sports venues, the ThetaKit enables fast, easy, precise soil moisture measurement. It allows turf moisture to be accurately monitored and potential irrigation problems to be addressed before deterioration of the playing surface has occurred.

To achieve excellent playing surfaces, turf professionals have many resources to call on, but knowing where and when to apply these resources is a major challenge. The ThetaKit’s soil moisture sensor takes the guesswork out of turf management and gives turf professionals the information they need to confidently make correct irrigation decisions all year round.

Small, rugged and portable, the ThetaKit works straight from the case, and is exceptionally easy to use. A key element of the kit is the ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor, renowned worldwide for its research-grade ±1% accuracy and impressive build quality.

As an alternative to the portable ThetaKit approach to moisture monitoring, Delta-T Devices also offers a combination of the SM150T Soil Moisture Sensor and the GP1 Data Logger. For measurements at fixed locations, a buried SM150T sensor on the practice green will provide accurate readings of soil moisture and soil temperature – which are stored on the GP1 Data Logger for later retrieval. Plots showing fluctuations in moisture between irrigation and rain events can be used to guide decision-making across the entire course.

For those interested in learning more about the benefits of measuring soil moisture, Delta-T Devices and the STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute) have co-authored the ThetaKit User Guide. This eight page guide makes extensive use of photos and diagrams to help greenkeepers make the most of their ThetaKit. The guide is free and can be downloaded from the ML3 ThetaKit page at Alternatively you can email to request a printed copy.

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By Tania January 1, 2019 19:18 Updated

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