Charterhouse Turf Machinery launches OxyShot aeration machine

By Alistair February 26, 2019 19:05

BTME 2019 saw Charterhouse Turf Machinery launch a new machine into its aeration portfolio – the OxyShot.

Produced in response to industry demand for a machine similar to the popular ‘Robin Dagger’ air-injection unit, Charterhouse’s new machine promises to relieve compaction, improve drainage and revitalise growth.

Ideal soil conditions should comprise of 45 per cent mineral, 25 per cent water, 25 per cent air and five per cent organic matter.

Any imbalance in any one of these components can result in the soil becoming inert, restricting growth or even killing the grass plant.

For strong, healthy root formation and a free draining soil, maintaining a network of pores and fissures in the topsoil is essential.

The new OxyShot uses a single 25mm probe to inject air into the soil in four directions, at a pressure of up to 110psi and to a maximum depth of 500mm (20”).

It can also be fitted with an optional 14mm probe, to reduce the working depth to 250mm.

The compact, highly manoeuvrable pedestrian unit can be easily transported to the desired location or problem areas to lift the soil, thus relieving compaction and improving drainage without the need for chemical applications.

The OxyShot is an ideal tool in the armoury of groundsmen and greenkeepers alike and is ideal for use on high traffic, high footfall, areas including walkways, bunkers and greens.

Perfect for ‘on the spot’ treatments, it is most effective when used in conjunction with other methods of aeration.

Commenting on its launch, sales manager Nick Darking said, “We are very excited to have added this machine to our range, further extending Charterhouse’s offering in the aeration market. The industry has been waiting for a machine of this type for quite a while and we look forward to getting out and showing it to customers over the coming months.”


By Alistair February 26, 2019 19:05

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