‘Consider drainage from a more holistic, ‘big picture’ perspective’

By Alistair September 20, 2021 10:12 Updated

Golf clubs are locked in an eternal battle with the elements. Come summer sun or winter rain, the challenges in maintaining year-round playability cannot be overstated. Yet, the rewards of this elusive goal are clear: the clubs that tend to fare best are not necessarily those with the grandest clubhouses or most delicious menus; it is those than offer uninterrupted, uncompromised access to the game of golf.

Most clubs do not need to be told this. Indeed, every owner, manager, board and member understands that sustained investment is the only way to keep courses playable – and profitable. After all: few members pay their fees to not play golf, and pre-match sandwiches and post-match drinks require a match to be played!

Where many clubs can fall down however, is in choosing to deal with each of their perceived ‘biggest problem’ areas in turn, beginning new projects to rectify them as-and-when funds become available. Although this can deliver effective results for each discrete area, it fails to recognise that a) a golf course is not a series of discrete parcels of land, but is rather an interconnected web of geology and hydrology; and b) that all of these projects have the same ultimate goal: the delivery of greater playability to the course.

On this basis then, it stands to reason that a club – rather than focusing on specific drainage issues in particular areas of the course, potentially wasting money on short-term gains from minor remedial works – consider drainage from a more holistic, ‘big picture’ perspective, developing a long-term strategy that serves as a road-map for cost-effective improvements over a number of years.

This will result in less disruption to a course’s members and activities, will integrate more elegantly with a greenkeeping staff’s agenda, and will maximise the club’s return-on-investment – and potential profitability.

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By Alistair September 20, 2021 10:12 Updated

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