Fife Golf Trust is the first user of the Express Dual 5500

By Alistair February 12, 2020 08:22 Updated

Fife Trust was very keen to improve the quality of cut on its sites and in order to do so, owning its own set of grinders became a perfect solution and an obvious choice. Outsourcing all its sharpening needs was taking up a large proportion of Fife Trust’s maintenance budget and therefore cost savings was indeed a key element in the decision making process, in addition to being able to control when and how it sharpens its cutting units. The expertise and reputation of Bernhard and Company was also a contributing factor and in turn led to the outcome of acquiring the new Express Dual 5500 as well as an Anglemaster 4500.

The latest technology appealed to Fife Trust as it knows it will constantly be updated and improved. The specialist trust coordinates the council’s golfing interests hence why the safety features were another major benefit as the machines are extremely quiet and the operator can be totally removed from the working part of the machine. These were all vital elements that led to the Fife Trust choosing Bernhard’s newest and most innovative machines.

Paul Murphy, golf course manager for Fife Golf Trust, highlighted: “We knew that the whole set up was something new and improved on a product that was already good anyway. I think the new laser set up will improve the precision and accuracy in what we do and this was another important factor. Everything we have seen about the machine relates to the reason why we went down this route.”

Tom Johnston, mechanic at Fife Golf Trust, added: “The level of finesse you can get with these new grinders are second to none, more precision, better finish, have more control of the final product and that all adds to the effect out on the course.”

Scott Purdy, sales manager for Bernhard, said: “We are very proud to be supporting Fife, and with the added value of technology and remote support, we will be able to help Fife and other courses to improve their playability, turf quality and consistency.”


By Alistair February 12, 2020 08:22 Updated

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