Germin-8T advanced formulation offered to greenkeepers

By Tania March 7, 2018 06:43 Updated

Following the success of its Germin-8 liquid seed treatment, Rigby Taylor – the company at the forefront of supplying innovative products for the successful management and maintenance of turf surfaces – has now announced the Germin-8T advanced formulation.

The ‘T’ identifies the content of the Trichoderma atroviride filamentous soil fungi that forms a mutual endophytic, beneficial relationship with grass plants. The symbiotic relationship delivers increased tolerance to the turf diseases leaf spot, pythium and rhizoctonia.

Pre-applied to each individual grass seed, Germin-8T contains a speciality surfactant that is activated when the seed comes into contact with rootzone moisture. This provides effective penetration of water through the seeds’ outer layer (pericorp) into the endosperm, by lowering the surface tension of the surrounding water molecules.

Roots can also take advantage of the micronised mycorryhizal fungi that will deliver long-term plant benefits.

The result is that at the active germination stage, each emerging seedling has immediate access to a highly beneficial package of targeted nutrients, biostimulants and micronised mycorrhizal fungi that together aid early establishment, improved root mass development and accelerated leaf extension.

As a liquid treatment, there is no risk of broken particles or dust (as is the norm with powder coatings) and because it adds just a maximum two per cent increase in bag weight, there is no requirement to increase seed sowing rates above those recommended.

Germin-8T is a standard treatment on all the Rigby Taylor ‘R’ range of grass seeds.


By Tania March 7, 2018 06:43 Updated

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