Germinal updates its Grade A perennial ryegrass seed mixture for golf tees

By lewis August 1, 2017 06:22 Updated

Germinal has updated its Grade A perennial ryegrass seed mixture for golf tees by upping the percentage of Cabrio Ultra Fine Ryegrass to give even greater fineness of leaf.

The revised ‘A5 Cricket, Tennis and Tees’ mixture has moved from a blend of three perennial ryegrasses (45 percent Escapade, 35 percent Cabrio, 20 percent EuroCordus) to just two varieties (50 percent Escapade and 50 percent Cabrio) for 2017, with the increased Cabrio content delivering a significant improvement in fineness of leaf.

“As the highest rated variety for summer sports in the 2017 BSPB L1 List, Cabrio Ultra Fine Ryegrass offers exceptional levels of performance,” explains Richard Brown, Amenity Sales Manager for Germinal. “Thanks to a fineness of leaf score of 8.8 (half a point ahead of its nearest rival) Cabrio easily outperforms all other perennial ryegrass cultivars and partners perfectly with Escapade to provide a seed mixture which is ideal for repairing worn or damaged tees where rapid root penetration and high root density are essential.”

Cabrio Ultra Fine Ryegrass is also the finest leaved variety on the BSPB’s G4 List for close mown conditions: when cut to 4-7mm Cabrio has a fineness of leaf score of 8.3 compared to its nearest rival at 8.0.

“With two of the best perennial ryegrass cultivars, A5 provides a dependable, consistent and quick to establish sward,” Mr Brown adds. “The revised seed mixture enables greenkeepers to produce a harder wearing surface that can not only tolerate a close mowing regime, but which will also be aesthetically attractive all year round.”


By lewis August 1, 2017 06:22 Updated

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