Germinal launches new wildflower mixture

By lewis April 27, 2018 06:30 Updated

A new wildflower mixture produces fast-to-establish, reliable and attractive meadow habitat.

The mixture, specifically designed to produce a fast-establishing sward of UK-native wildflowers and meadow grasses, has been launched by Germinal Amenity.

Formulated to produce the kind of quick and easy to establish meadow-type habitats required by modern, commercial landscaping projects, Germinal’s Everyday Meadow seed mixture contains a total of six grasses and 18 wildflowers. Each of the 24 species has been selected to complement each other and to produce the correct balance of colour, textures and aesthetics required by landscape architects and their clients.

Unlike most traditional meadow mixtures, which typically contain 80 per cent grasses and 20 per cent wildflowers, Everyday Meadow contains a ratio of 90 per cent grasses to 10 per cent wildflowers: by increasing the grass content and selecting only annual species of wildflowers, Everyday Meadow is faster to establish.

Everyday Meadow produces a denser habitat thanks to its ability to be sown at 15 g/m2. Compared to most meadow mixtures, which are usually sown at 5-10 g/m2, Everyday Meadow rapidly creates a thick, attractive canopy, thus enabling the landscape contractor to tick another job off their checklist without having to be overly concerned about sparse or slowly developing vegetation cover.

All 18 of the wildflower species in Everyday Meadow are indigenous to the UK and have been hand-selected for their native traits and disease and stress tolerant characteristics which make them perfect for urban, sub-urban and business park environments.


By lewis April 27, 2018 06:30 Updated

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