If your golf club uses petrol you should speak to this company

By Alistair February 19, 2019 21:59 Updated

Does your business use petrol? Do you collect petrol from a filling station? Do you collect petrol in Jerry cans?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you need to speak with The Petrol Tank Company.

It has a number of petrol collection and storage solutions for users of petrol, for their own company use.

Its small petrol storage solutions start with mobile (caddies) units and as low as 60 litres.

Mobile units are available up to 330 litres, which is just under the maximum permitted quantity of petrol that may be carried on the road without the need for ADR qualifications.

The mobile units still require a visit to a local petrol station to fill them. If your usage is around 1,000 litres or more per year, a better option would be one of The Petrol Tank Company’s static storage / dispensing tanks.

Static tanks require a local petroleum certificate to allow you to dispense direct into a machine with an internal combustion engine.

Its static tank range starts at 1,200 litres and rises to 2,950 litres.

All tanks are available with either a hand pump, 12v pump, 230v inbuilt pump and 230v forecourt commercial or retail pump.

Tanks can be ordered with particulate and water filters, flow meters, telemetry systems and full fuel management systems.

If you are collecting petrol in a vehicle for use by a company, you should have notified the insurers of the vehicle you are using. You must carry a 2kg dry powder extinguisher, a petrol safe in which to store the jerry cans during transit and you should have received basic training.

Most filling stations will only allow the filling of 2×5 litre and 1×10 litre approved plastic fuel cans on their premises. This is the quantity allowed for public use and most filling stations will err on the side of caution and treat everyone as ‘Joe Public’.

If you are fetching petrol, contact The Petrol Tank Company now and ask about the options.

The Petrol Tank Company even has rental units available, so why not try before you buy?


By Alistair February 19, 2019 21:59 Updated

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