Golf Environment Organisation revamps its digital offering

By Tania December 18, 2017 07:31 Updated

The online program, OnCourse, which helps golf clubs manage their facility in the most sustainable way possible, has been significantly upgraded.

“This brings significant business benefits to golf facilities and helps golf improve its social and environmental reputation,” said a spokesman for the Golf Environment Organisation (GEO), which runs the tool.

GEO is an international not-for-profit founded to provide support and tools for the golf industry.

“The web app provides a practical one-stop solution that helps courses easily assess and record their practices, find ideas and guidance for improvement, and then promote their value to nature, resources and community.

“At the same time, OnCourse provides golf with a collective system to build an expansive library of shared examples and anonymous data – giving the sport a considerable new bank of evidence to strengthen golf’s image and influence,” he added.

Howard Craft, club and sustainability manager at Burhill Golf and Leisure in England, said: “The new version is quick to use and represents great value for any course interested in finding efficiencies and getting more recognition for its work for the environment and community.”

A new annual subscription will be introduced in 2018 to contribute to further development of the platform and other not-for-profit work to support and reward sustainability in golf. The regular subscription will be €300 / £300 / $350 and anyone registered before the end of 2017 will receive 25 per cent off the 2018 subscription.

The CEO of GEO, Jonathan Smith, who also sits on the editorial advisory panel of Greenkeeping magazine, said: “We are really pleased to be able to invite golf club and course managers to find out more and get OnCourse. In addition to the direct benefits for your golf facility, your leadership in sustainability will connect with many others – making a meaningful contribution to golf’s image and reputation, as well as generating a significant positive impact in fostering nature, conserving resources and strengthening communities around the world.”



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By Tania December 18, 2017 07:31 Updated