GripClad is using glass reinforced plastic as anti-slip

By lewis May 2, 2018 06:10 Updated

GripClad GRP (glass reinforced plastic) composite gratings are now being used as effective anti-slip and anti-hazard solutions in golf courses across the UK. Their many uses include providing anti-slip on bridges, buildings and other structures, but the potential for further implementation remains largely untapped by many golf clubs.

GRP grating can be put to good use in a wide range of applications such as structural footbridges, ditch crossings, wash bays, drain covers, pit covers, trenches and gullies, and ramps.

GripClad GRP grating is a strong one-piece panel available in a wide range of colours that will withstand the effects of corrosion and is highly impact resistant.

It has a low life cycle cost with the average lifespan being 25 years, and because it weighs considerably less than conventional metal gratings it is easier and less expensive to transport and install, plus it’s zero maintenance.

Additionally, as with steel alternatives, there are no costs associated with the heavy lifting, cutting or welding. Once metal grating is installed it will soon begin to rust in wet or corrosive environments, a further cost involved in maintenance. GRP grating has no scrap value and so removes the risk of thieves too!

For all pedestrian traffic and medium loadings, GRP grating is perfectly adequate. It is totally resistant to corrosion, making it ideal in areas prone to corrosive environments, this includes corrosive salts, acids, alkalis and other chemical products. It is highly resistant to wear, tear, impact and abrasion.

GRP meets international fire retarding and self-extinguishing requirements. The impact resistance of GRP grating allows repeated deflection without permanent deformation. A certain amount of deflection can occur with loading. However, once the load is removed, the grating with return to it’s original shape, unlike metal grating, which will remain deformed and require costly repair or replacement.


By lewis May 2, 2018 06:10 Updated

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