ISEKI UK becomes major new player

By Tania December 11, 2017 08:54 Updated

A major new mower and tractor company – ISEKI UK – has been formed and it has named the ex-president of Jacobsen, David Withers, as new managing director.

“ISEKI UK is a company formed with investment from ISEKI for the sole purpose of distributing the ISEKI range of products and growing market share and sales in the UK and Ireland markets,” said a company spokesman. “This is an exciting development showing great investment and commitment by ISEKI in these key markets.”

David Withers

For several years the ISEKI product line has been distributed in the UK and Ireland by Ransomes Jacobsen, operating out of its facilities in Ipswich.

“ISEKI would like to sincerely thank Ransomes Jacobsen for all their hard work and dedication over this period and look forward to building on this foundation,” he added.

The new ISEKI company will also be based in the Ipswich area.

David Withers is well known in the industry, having served for many years at Ransomes and Jacobsen and more recently working as a business consultant in the golf industry.

“I started working with Iseki when the product line came to Jacobsen in 1996 and have always enjoyed being involved with such an exciting and reliable product line,” he said.

“When ISEKI outlined their strategic vision of getting closer to the customers by investing in their own distribution in the UK it made sense to me. I am really looking forward to joining Iseki UK in the new year to head up this exciting new venture.”

Kazuya Tani

Kazuya Tani, the European managing director of ISEKI, said: “This is an exciting time for ISEKI. We will be investing more in marketing and promotions of the ISEKI brand and want to see a wider acceptance of our products through expanding our markets served and getting more share from existing customers. The commitment of ISEKI to the UK market will be significant and we trust that the market will react positively to this approach.”


By Tania December 11, 2017 08:54 Updated