Meet the two new greenkeepers at Alcanada

By Alistair March 7, 2020 11:17 Updated

Here are the two new greenkeepers who have been tasked with stepping up the ecological groundwork at Club de Golf Alcanada in Mallorca.

Estrella and Tomás have taken up residence in their own purpose-built shelter in an area of unused woodland near the 13th hole.

Director of golf, Kristoff Both, said: “That area was our property but not part of the course. It was overgrown and was becoming a potential fire hazard so it needed to be cleared. We actually cleared the area ourselves but it needs to be maintained, so now Estrella and Tomás will be doing that for us.

“They are great – two staff members who are no trouble at all! They clear away vegetation, they’ve got a nice place to live with some great views and it’s an environmentally-friendly way to keep an area relatively clear.

“The only issue we have had is when members bring along carrots and feed them with a few nice treats, which means they are not as hungry as they should be!”

Alcanada remains committed to the sustainability of the golf course with a variety of new measures introduced in recent times.

Both added: “It all adds up to an extra element of environmental sustainability. I think it’s a good option as we don’t require any chemicals, since the application of herbicides is eliminated, in addition to fire prevention.

“We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and this is another contributory factor. We’ve eliminated plastic cups and bottles – all water is now in Tetra Brik packaging.

“In the past two years, we’ve also introduced solar-power buggies, charge points for electric cars and there will be other initiatives in the coming months.”


By Alistair March 7, 2020 11:17 Updated

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