You do not need to store petrol underground

By Tania October 28, 2018 06:18 Updated

Making petrol EASY: Above ground diesel tanks are a common site at almost every greenkeeping yard up and down the country. In most cases the small machinery is petrol powered, so why not have an above ground petrol tank also?

Its easy to install and there is no need for expensive groundworks.

This was the question we asked when we designed and built our first petrol tank. Years later the tanks have evolved and are even used as an example in the petroleum storage guidelines, used by not only the UK but many parts of the rest of the world.

A large number of people are still under the incorrect impression that petrol has to be stored underground.

These are the ones that are missing out on the convenience and safety factor of having petrol available at your own site, with no need for the greens’ staff to be collecting petrol, in jerry cans from local filling stations, often in their own vehicle and more often, illegally.

There are a multitude of regulations with regard to the storage of petrol on premises and most are written to accommodate forecourt petrol stations. In some ways, all premises storing petrol are considered as petrol stations but the guidelines written in the APEA’s ‘Blue Book’ do allow for petrol stored in small movable tanks. (Blue Book Guidelines Annex I).

The Petrol Tank Company has developed a range of small above ground petrol tanks and even smaller mobile petrol containers that are suited to the requirements of the likes of golf clubs, car dealerships and all other small capacity users of petrol in the workplace.

The petrol tanks range from 1,200 litres to 2,950 litres and exceed all current and predicted legislation as laid down in HSG176 (The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Tanks). They are designed for ease of use, ease of installation and ease of upgrading.

The caddies (transportable containers) range from 60 litres to 330 litres and meet all current and predicted legislation as laid down in HSG51 (The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers) and are designed to be carried to a petrol filling station in the back of an open vehicle or in a dedicated trailer.

The largest petrol caddy is not only bunded but is also fire proofed to the same level as the static tanks. This is unique to The Petrol Tank Company.

The above ground petrol tanks provide the benefit of having petrol delivered to you, by tanker.

This eliminates risks and downtime that occur when collecting petrol from a public filling station, often located some miles away.

Not only does The Petrol Tank Company provide the tank but we now offer a new service of providing the petrol. This takes the petrol tanks to a whole new level, with a nationwide network of delivery tankers and further plans to develop self ordering petrol tanks.

Storing petrol above ground allows the tank to be conveniently situated and easily inspected.

Our recently designed Mark 4 tank offers 60 minutes of fire protection and a modular pump and equipment system. This means that any required changes to your tank set up, in the future, are easy to implement.

The tanks can be fitted with a variety of pumps, from a  hand pump, to a full forecourt style resale pump with a  fuel management system and telemetrics monitoring.

Using ATEX equipment on the tanks ensures that the equipment is safe, appropriate and fully compliant for the dispensing of petrol.

It may seem daunting at first but we’re here to help and the benefits of having your own tank on site are instantly noticeable.

The requirements of petroleum enforcement authorities will vary slightly from region to region. Petroleum enforcement is a part of Trading Standards’ departments at county or city level.

As a guideline, petroleum enforcement authorities will require a plan of where the tank will be placed, a risk assessment for the tank and its use, a plan of how the tanker will enter and exit, a plan to deal with spills from the tanker during delivery and a signed application for a petroleum certificate. We can assist customers with any or all aspects of this and now offer a full turn key package, as an option.

The Petrol Tank Company keeps a full record of all tanks and will inspect tanks on an annual basis.

Tel: 01283 820213


By Tania October 28, 2018 06:18 Updated

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