A product to prevent people slipping on your golf course

By Tania October 30, 2018 23:26

Slips and trips – an injury claim can cost from £10k to at least £100k. The cost to prevent a claim costs from £120. Do you really want to pay compensation when you don’t have to?

Wrapping chicken wire around a sleeper to prevent someone from slipping on hazardous elevated stepped access, or tripping or falling from steep sided tees, just doesn’t solve the problem, it contributes to it, as do many other cheaper methods on wet hazardous railway sleepers and steps. GripClad can help your club safeguard against slip accidents.

Old railway sleepers have been used on golf courses from the 1930s and provide an ideal material for many situations whilst maintaining a natural feel in the landscape. The advancement of soft spikes and moulded sole golf shoes away from traditional steel spikes has led to an increase of slips on wooden steps and in the early 2000s this was becoming an increasing problem.

Is your club at risk? The Gripclad cost of preventing any slip hazard can cost a few hundred pounds plus it improves the overall tidy look on steps.

Its rigid 4.5mm thick rigid safety tread is the long term solution and over 600 UK golf clubs that use it can’t be wrong!

Easy to fit and with a  solid, preformed plate, it is tough and extremely durable and resistant to high impact, spike shoes, frost and high foot traffic. There is no chipping, no peel back, no layering, just the toughest, most durable and longer lasting anti-slip product available.

Almost all the clubs Gripclad has worked with report that members are 100 per cent satisfied with the new, improved safety measure at their club.

Quotation and samples are available, call Barry Eagle at GripClad on 07803 848819 or 023 8040 6796 or email: enquiries@gripclad.co.uk


By Tania October 30, 2018 23:26

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