Product review: The BLEC Multi-Seeder

By Tania March 8, 2019 07:57 Updated

The Blec Multi-Seeder (BMS) is perfectly suited for work on both fine turf and amenity type areas. Post-winter, it is the ideal machine for seed top-ups and the reinstatement of damaged areas around the course. The Multi-Seeder, which has been re-engineered under the guidance of the Redexim team, features all new seed ratio and seed feed systems which offer the user incredibly accurate distribution for all seed types.

The twin spiked front rollers can be fixed or left to float and thanks to the pivoting system, can take undulating surfaces easily in its stride. These rollers saturate the surface with up to 1,890 holes per square metre, with the option of an additional spiked rear roller which can further increase the holes per square meter. The BMS, which is available in 120cm, 160cm and 210cm working widths, has an integrated weight mounting frame, allowing suitcase weights to be added should difficult ground conditions demand additional penetration. It also features two brushes – the first can be adjusted to increase or decrease the pressure applied while the rear brush preens the surface to ensure a tidy finish.

At Dunbar Golf Club, course manager Paul Armour recently took delivery of a BLEC Multi-Seeder 1600, allowing him to increase the frequency of overseeding whilst leaving minimal disruption on the greens. “We were previously using a disc seeder which left lines in the greens meaning we were restricted to only overseeding between competitions,” he explains. “We are currently working on a programme to increase fescue populations on our greens, so by moving over to the Multi-Seeder, a dimple seeder, it leaves much less disruption keeping the golfers and visitors happy. With this machine we get fantastic accuracy with the quantity of seed distribution, so by simply adjusting the rate I know exactly what I’m going to get. The spiked rollers follow the contours, and with the precision of seed delivery, we’re achieving good levels of germination.”


By Tania March 8, 2019 07:57 Updated

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