Product review: The Toro ProCore 648

By Tania March 15, 2019 07:01 Updated

Just like the Toro Greensmaster 1000, the ProCore 648 is another classic example of a Toro product whose revolutionary design just can’t be beaten.

The ProCore 648 delivers productive, efficient, and, perhaps most importantly, clean aeration of fine turf, and on paper can seem too good to be true. But just like its greens cutting counterpart, its revolutionary design delivers, and as a result the product is consistently UK distributor Reesink’s best-selling pedestrian aerator.

Let’s look at why. A 48-inch aerating width, one of the largest in the industry, means it’s efficient and productive. While the location of its wheels in front of the aeration head, and well out of the way of the coring path, means you don’t drive over the fresh holes, or run over the pulled cores from the previous pass, making clear-up far cleaner, easier, quicker and less labour intensive.

And not only is clear-up cleaner, the holes are too. That’s thanks to the tine depth which is automatically maintained as the machine works, matching the ground’s undulations to provide consistent, even coring of up to four inches.

You’re in for a smooth ride with the ProCore 648. That’s down to the fact that its arms work in pairs to counterbalance the coring action and this precise configuration virtually eliminates hopping, rocking and uncomfortable vibration.

And that, in a nutshell, is why the ProCore 648 wins over so many UK groundsmen.


By Tania March 15, 2019 07:01 Updated

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