Q&A with Craig Boath

By Tania November 16, 2018 08:14 Updated

Craig Boath is the head greenkeeper at Carnoustie Golf Links.

What sort of relationship do you have with Aquatrols?

We have a very good relationship with Aquatrols and the products they provide. It’s like when you buy from Aquatrols, you are buying more than what’s in the bottle. They are a friendly company who like to interact with us at all levels – we have contact with the CEO right down to the local account manager. They like to help and understand if, we, the customer has any problems / issues / queries.

Why do you use their product line?

Aquatrols’ products are well researched and their benefits are proven by greenkeepers not just in the UK but in many countries with differing climates. With increasing concerns over the availability and cost of water, Aquatrols’ water management products can make a major contribution to turf quality on the greens, approaches and fairways. The range of products that Aquatrols have to offer means that they can assist us with any water management issues, be it preventative, curative or problem specific with application via sprayer or hand applicators.

Is quality of service important to you?

Quality of service is important, from picking up the phone to order to receiving the products, they are very quick and efficient. Aquatrols work with good local distributors and the local account manager is always on the other end of the phone if necessary.

Consistency – do the products help with this?

Consistency is a big thing especially in greenkeeping. Zipline helps to keep fine turf fast and firm and in keeping with what we are trying to achieve at the Links.

How do you see the benefits of AquaVita in the use of Zipline?

Zipline with AquaVita improves water infiltration from the surface through the rootzone and aids soil enhancement by unlocking existing bound nutritional elements. This technology helps us reduce nutrient inputs and the need to use more fertilisers. We also don’t need to use as much water, which is something we are trying to keep on top of.


By Tania November 16, 2018 08:14 Updated

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