Rigby Taylor introduces first 4 cultivar tetraploid perennial ryegrass blend

By Alistair November 18, 2020 07:03 Updated

Changes in climatic conditions are proving increasingly challenging for turf maintenance. In recent times weather patterns have fluctuated from one extreme to the other. Late frosts, snow or drought in spring, summer heatwaves accompanied by prolonged drought and periods of intense rainfall are all becoming commonplace.

Tetraploid perennial ryegrass has double the number of chromosomes (4n) compared with diploid perennial ryegrass, resulting in high vigour, extremely stress tolerant plants. One of the main benefits, increased cellular chloroplast, boosts chlorophyll production to aid energy absorption and processing. The outcome is a robust, hard-wearing, healthier plant that can better withstand climatic fluctuations and has a high level of leaf spot tolerance. Tetraploids also germinate and grow in colder temperatures down to 40C and produce a stronger, deeper, denser root mass, increasing drought tolerance and tensile strength. The ability to perform in colder temperatures and survive periods of heat and drought makes tetraploids indispensable. Four cultivars are now available in the 100% tetraploid ryegrass blend 4Tetra, the fundamental choice for turf performance and recovery throughout the seasons.

The blend

4Tetra                                  Germin-8T treated

25% Fabian                         tetraploid perennial ryegrass

25% Tetrastar                     tetraploid perennial ryegrass

25% Tetragame                  tetraploid perennial ryegrass

25% Tetragreen                  tetraploid perennial ryegrass

Germin-8T pre-treated seed is available on all the ‘R’ range of Rigby Taylor seeds. This unique liquid, potent seed coating maximises seedling development and establishments. Containing a cocktail of specially penetrating surfactants, micro-nutrients and added mycorrhizae to supports plant health the addition of trichoderma viride provides a support package that protects against damaging turf diseases at their early stage of development.


  • Repair and renovate high impact wear surfaces
  • Transitional autumn/winter seeding for winter wear recovery
  • Increased heat, drought and disease tolerance
  • Ideal golf tee, fairways and walkways

For more information contact your Rigby Taylor area manager or freephone 0800 424 919


By Alistair November 18, 2020 07:03 Updated

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