Rigby Taylor introduces hydrogen peroxide sanitising solution

By Alistair August 1, 2020 07:13 Updated

With the relaxing of lockdown and the return of recreational activity and sport participation, Rigby Taylor has introduced EndoSan, the most advanced ionic silver based chemistry in a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) for sanitising a wide range of surfaces.

EndoSan provides control of coronavirus as well as bacteria, fungi and algae when applied to a wide range of surfaces as a non-hazardous spray.

Areas of use include, turf and artificial playoing surfaces, ‘touch-points’ in changing rooms, gyms, playgrounds and on equipment, golf course ‘furniture’. Trolley’s and buggies, seating, railings, gates, flags, nets and much more.

EndoSan is 100 percent chlorine and alcohol free, has no odour or colur and is non-corrosive and is applied through a pressure sprayer, or for small areas from a ready to use Trigger pack. After application, the product simply degrades into harmless, naturally occurring water and oxygen substances.

EndoSan’s positive environmental credentials provide a first-choice surface sanitizer for grounds managers, greenkeepers and contractors. Supplied as a ready-to-use formulation in 500ml Trigger packs and five litre drums and in 10 litres of concentrate. Larger sizes are available on request.


By Alistair August 1, 2020 07:13 Updated

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