SALTEX preview: Headland Amenity

By Alistair October 19, 2018 06:47 Updated

Crystal Green® will feature heavily on the Headland Amenity stand at SALTEX 2018. A source of slow-release phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium recovered from nutrient-rich UK waste water, Crystal Green® makes for an eco-friendly fertiliser that enhances nutrient efficiency – perfect for easily-leachable, sand-dominated rootzones.

Most phosphorus fertilisers are highly water soluble and rapidly react in the soil becoming unavailable for plant uptake. As turfgrass grows it produces organic acids, such as citrates, to help roots absorb nutrients. The nutrients in Crystal Green® are citrate-soluble, releasing slowly in response to organic acid production, gradually supplying the soil solution to meet plant demand. This process minimises excess phosphorus in the soil, lowering the risk of leaching and runoff while providing the turf a season-long supply of phosphorus according to the plant’s requirements. Crystal Green® granules are uncoated, 99.9 per cent pure, dust-free, and maintain their slow-release capabilities even if cracked or broken.

Whilst the original Crystal Green® 5-28-10 formulation is suitable to aid establishment and to maintain phosphorus availability in free draining soils, it is also a perfect slow-release partner in fertiliser blends. It features in Headland’s Xtend 10-10-10+2MgO slow-release renovation / recovery fertiliser, which also includes a composted organic base, seaweed meal and humic acid. The finished product works as a pre-seeder and establishment fertiliser with both slow-release N and P, perfect for use on winter sports pitches, cricket outfields and racecourse turf, as well as golf tees, fairways and surrounds.

The Headland team will also be on hand to discuss their full range of innovative turf nutrition, health and management products in their new stand location, H050.

Stand: H050


By Alistair October 19, 2018 06:47 Updated

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