How to see Capillary Concrete at BTME

By lewis December 24, 2017 08:51

With the introduction of a premixed version of Capillary Concrete™ in the latter part of 2017, this popular bunker liner has just got even better!

Delivered to site in ready-mix trucks the special polymer containing Capillary Concrete™ is ready to use, a typical truck has enough product to cover 100m² of bunkers and can be completely installed in under one and a half hours, not only is this one of the quickest bunker liners to install, it is also the strongest.

There is no need to store materials on site just simply call Border Sports and it will arrange for the premixed Capillary Concrete™ to be delivered to your course at a time convenient to you.

No specialist machinery is needed on site, utility vehicles and trailers are more than adequate to transport the product from the ready-mix truck to the bunkers where it is laid at an even cover of 50mm (two inches) over the whole floor area, once set, 24 to 72 hours depending on weather conditions, the bunkers are ready to receive sand and return to play.

The benefits of Capillary Concrete™ and the way it will transform your bunker maintenance as well as reduce costs are too big to ignore, one of our customers has reported to Border Sports that after two years of having Capillary Concrete™ in some of their bunkers, they have not had to top up the sand once and not experienced any washouts, think how this would make life easier for your course!

Get in touch with Border Sports for further information or a chat to see how it can help.

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By lewis December 24, 2017 08:51

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