The bunker renovation project at Dyrham Park Country Club

By Alistair January 23, 2021 07:28 Updated

Dyrham Park Country Club in Hertfordshire is currently working on a multi-phase bunker renovation with Durabunker. Having built two trial bunkers in 2019-2020, with Durabunker leading design and construction, the club has now begun a phased renovation with three greenside complexes being completed this autumn.

Daniel Dias, chair of greens, commented: “Members reacted so positively to the initial trial, that we decided to engage Durabunker for a much larger project. They have managed the project and supported our staff through the build phase with managing director Rhydian Lewis leading the design work. Concept drawings were produced for us, and Rhydian has been very hands on throughout, ensuring the design was brought to life effectively and the highest quality build was achieved.”

The club is installing Durabunker’s patented synthetic edge system to all bunkers, along with BunkerMat liner, offering a complete bunker solution.

Dan Szwajbak, course manager, added: “The maintenance savings we experienced after the initial trial, were impressive. Washouts were eliminated, the synthetic edge defines the new bunkers so effectively and is installed directly on top of the liner, ensuring the liner will never be exposed, a problem we experienced in the past when previous liners were damaged after turf edges were inevitably edged back. Durabunker edging safeguards the liner as well as locking in bunker design for decades.”

Rhydian Lewis said: “The fine details can make a huge difference. Setting sand faces within a specific gradient range, always below the angle of repose of the bunker sand, to protect against washout or sand movement, reprofiling areas surrounding bunkers to divert water around, rather than into them, and the balancing imaginative design with ease of maintenance are just some of the key factors in a project like this. By combining the right products with sound design, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance bunkers can be achieved”


By Alistair January 23, 2021 07:28 Updated

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