Tidworth Garrison invests in its greenkeepers

By Tania April 29, 2019 11:03 Updated

Tidworth Garrison Golf Club in Wiltshire has taken on two major greenkeeping projects this year. One is the development of a new greens’ compound facility for the storage of machinery, the second is renovation of the bunkers.

“The shed is to comply with health and safety regulations and for the welfare and benefit of our staff,” explained Geoff Johnson MBE, the club’s manager.

“The shed provides 200 metres squared of covering to house our most expensive machinery and provides a comfortable working area for the staff in inclement weather. The course manager, Damion Woods, is delighted with the project as it shows that the club are investing not only in the course but in their staff.

“We have also been doing extensive work over the winter in renovating bunkers. This project was difficult to get started due to the nature of the materials that we wanted to use.

“The members were able to view a trial bunker, from the construction to the laying of turf to the finished article. The choice of sand was another issue, however, after trying various samples the members selected RH37 sand which is best suited to the land here.

“The sand is a mix of coarse, medium and fine sands which is heavy enough to stay in place yet light enough not to compact down and aids raking.

“The construction of the bunkers is done by lining the base with astro turf lining and building the walls from narrow cut astro turf strips. Once complete it gives the riveted look while reducing maintenance, stopping ingress of stones and chalk, providing a consistent playing surface from bunker to bunker.

“We completed six bunkers this winter with a further three to start. We expect to complete the programme of bunker refurbishment over the next five years using this method to further help improve the quality of the course for both members and visitors.”


By Tania April 29, 2019 11:03 Updated

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