‘Twin’ fertilisers deliver consistent n for up to 16 weeks

By lewis September 3, 2017 08:36 Updated

An all-new range of advanced granular fertilisers, which use two sources of slow release nitrogen to provide a phased release over a 16-week period from one application, has been launched by COMPO EXPERT.

The new Floranid®Twin range has been specifically designed for use on all fine-turf sports facilities where a consistent and long-acting supply of nutrients is required.

“Just like the previous Floranid® range, Floranid Twin fertilisers contain a proportion of fast-acting nitrogen in ammonium and nitrate forms, as well as a phased release element based on the advanced isobutylidene diurea (IBDU) or ‘Isodur®’ molecule,” explains Richard Brown of Germinal – COMPO EXPERT’s UK distributor. “The new range also contains a second, brand new, phased release element in the form of crotonylidene urea or ‘Crotodur’.”

The inclusion of Crotodur® raises the Activity Index of Floranid Twin fertilisers from approximately 95 to over 98 per cent.

“By comparison, the slow release fraction in conventional methylene urea (MU) fertilisers only contains around 40 to 60 per cent of ‘true’ slow release N at best, whilst many contain less than half. Put simply, that means the remaining nitrogen is either quick release, and therefore no more value than standard fertiliser, or so insoluble that it may take years to be released,” Mr Brown continues.

“In contrast, Isodur and Crotodur fertilisers have an efficiency rating of 98 to 99 per cent, meaning that almost all of the slow release N supplied will be slowly and steadily released into a form which can be taken up by the sward for a period of around 16 weeks.”


By lewis September 3, 2017 08:36 Updated

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