The versatility of compact tractors

By Tania September 28, 2018 10:04 Updated

We look at why two models are so popular with greenkeepers at the moment.

For smaller hectare users looking to purchase a new compact tractor in 2018, Kubota UK has a new and improved B Series range that will leave them spoilt for choice.

The market-leading manufacturer of groundcare equipment has introduced its new B1 (standard spec) and B2 Series (premium spec) tractors, which supersedes its existing B Series range of compact tractors.

Adrian Langmead, groundcare business development manager for Kubota UK, said: “The launch of the B1 and B2 Series is all about evolution not revolution. Our B Series has been one of the most popular compact tractors on the market for years based on its performance, reliability, comfort and ability to cross-different markets. The B1 and B2 Series capitalise on this even further, with a host of enhanced features to benefit our end-user customers.

“The premium B2 Series builds on from the industry leading B50 Series. The four new models, ranging from 20 to 31kw, boast a wide range of features, including Kubota’s unique Bi-speed turn. This enables operators to achieve a significantly reduced turning radius for increased manoeuvrability in tighter spaces. Three of the models feature Kubota’s renowned three-cylinder diesel engine, whilst the 31hp model is powered by Kubota’s powerful four-cylinder diesel engine.

“The introduction of the B2 Series is all about raising the bar in the compact tractor sector. Kubota invests heavily in research and development and talking to the market, to ensure our products and solutions meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. The B50 was the first tractor in its class to feature an integrated cab design, giving operators five per cent more interior space and reduced noise. The range also includes a rear three-point hitch for substantial lifting capacity across a wide range of implements.”

For those looking for more of a standard specification machine, the new B1 Series is the ideal choice. With three models ranging from 16 to 24hp, this latest series is an evolution of Kubota’s most iconic and long-standing B1 utility tractor range. Featuring refreshed styling, with a new slanted bonnet offering a clear view of all operations, the new B1 significantly enhances safety, control and comfort, whilst also reflecting the power and dependability the series has long been associated with.


Adrian concluded: “Kubota has been synonymous with innovation, performance and reliability within the groundcare industry for many years. Our latest standard and premium compact tractor ranges are a further reflection of our continued commitment to providing the industry with the best machines on the market that don’t let down users and enable all professionals to get the job done, time and again, efficiently and effectively.”

Price Turfcare, based near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, has been the UK Ventrac distributor for the past 20 months and in that time the Ventrac 4500 compact tractor, with its numerous attachments, has been widely accepted as an indispensable tool for golf course management.

The Ventrac 4500 compact tractor has a deceptively powerful 24.9hp diesel engine and is the industry’s equivalent of a Swiss army knife with a choice of over 30 different attachments. With its articulating frame, which also pivots in the centre to maintain excellent traction; its low centre of gravity, optional wheel extensions that allow operation up to 25° or its dual wheel configuration that can tackle 30° slopes, it’s the perfect machine for golf course maintenance.

Peter Pattenden, the golf courses and estates manager at Carden Park in Cheshire, was one of the first groundscare professionals to appreciate the benefits of the Ventrac 4500, when his initial machine was delivered with a selection of accessories including contour deck, tough cut deck, stump grinder, edger, blower and power broom. He has recently taken delivery of a second machine.

He said: “We manage over 1,400 acres; 800 acres of Carden Park including the two championship golf courses and a further 600 acres comprising owner Steve Morgan’s house and grounds and the tenant farms dotted around the estate.


“Every piece of equipment we buy has to earn its keep and this Ventrac certainly falls into this category. I’ve been operating equipment since 1991 and buying machinery since 1996, so I can honestly say this is one of the best machines I have ever bought!

“It has uplifted the presentation of the estate in the short time that we’ve had it; it’s simply a no-brainer purchase for any golf course or estate manager. Summed up in three words, it’s exceptional, versatile and robust.”

The Club Company, which owns and operates 13 country clubs across the UK, has two Ventrac 4500 compact tractors with contour mowing deck and blowers attachments. Chris Brook is the group courses manager, with responsibility for all greenkeeping activities across the company.

“I will admit I was quite sceptical when the machine arrived for a demonstration at Castle Royle,” he said. “I invited a small group of my course managers and we were amazed, and surprised, at the machine’s capabilities. Considering it is under 25hp it is remarkably powerful and can go anywhere. The climbing ability is excellent, far superior to any other machine in its class and it’s brilliant in wet conditions. It really is the industry’s best kept secret.”

Bryn Preece, the head greenkeeper at Wrotham Heath Golf Club near Sevenoaks in Kent added: “We are a heathland course and over the years bracken and unwanted trees have encroached on the margins. We have a five-year planned process of returning it to a more traditional state and in just the first couple of weeks since delivery the Ventrac has proved its worth. The ToughCut deck is great at removing the bracken and allowing the underlying heather to thrive. It can go anywhere on the course and tackles any slopes with ease. We do everything in-house and the versatility is amazing. This is one of the best pieces of equipment that I have ever purchased.”


By Tania September 28, 2018 10:04 Updated

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