600 golf clubs have installed anti-slip safety treads

By Alistair March 8, 2018 05:37 Updated

Managing director at GripClad, Barry Eagle, said: “If you want to keep up with the latest slip resistant technology then you might want to discover ‘GripClad’s GRP Anti-Slip Safety Treads’ which are self-installed by over 600 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland, safeguarding against potential slip accidents.

“Personal injury claims have steadily grown in Europe, and more and more golf clubs are now taking preventative measures rather than taking risks. The advancement of soft spikes and moulded sole golf shoes has led to an increase of slips on wooden steps and other timber based walking surfaces.

“Golf clubs do make valiant attempts to control and minimise slip hazards around the golf course but the solutions have been limited to methods that actually contribute to the hazard itself, such as chicken wire, rubber matting and belting, artificial turf, sand and paint because all these methods will rust, break, crack and look unsightly.

“GripClad’s neat and tidy proven safety tread product solves all these problems coupled with a design life in excess of 20 to 25-plus years on all high footfall areas across all access areas such as steps, walkways, ramps, foot bridges and decking.

“This quick and easy to install product is 4mm thick rigid tread requires simply screw fixing and that is it. No maintenance and no worry!

“The product is resistant to corrosion, frost, spiked shoes, frost, impact, cracking, splitting, and of course, stops everyone from slip and fall accidents.”


By Alistair March 8, 2018 05:37 Updated

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