A look at John Deere’s Precision Turf technology

By Alistair July 4, 2024 08:10

John Deere Precision Turf technology increases productivity and efficiency. The focus is on connecting, guiding and managing the machines.

The machines are connected using John Deere’s proven JDLinkTM telemetry system. Machine data, such as hours, fuel level, or location is sent to the cloud-based John Deere Operations CenterTM. Fleet managers have a comprehensive view of individual machines or even the entire fleet whether they are on the go or in the office. This allows precise planning of tasks, maximises uptime and uses the machine’s location to ensure optimal use.

All golf equipment already has a JDLinkTM modem for any turf-related operations. Starting with model year 2024, the 1500 Series TerrainCutTM front mowers and the TerrainCutTM 1600 Turbo wide area mowers will also be equipped with a JDLinkTM modem. There is the option to retrofit modems to commercial ZTrakTM Zero Turn mowers and compact utility tractors.

Precision guidance systems can be used to make turf operations more efficient. Machines can accurately follow a pre-planned route, even in low visibility or during the night. This allows the HD200 GPS Precision Sprayer to avoid overlaps or missed applications with a guidance system to accurately treat the turf. Standard Individual Nozzle Shutdown allows operators to only cover pre-defined turf, while lower maintenance areas are automatically left out. This greatly simplifies the work processes as the operator can fully concentrate on the actual work process without having to take additional care to maintain the tracks.

Components such as the StarFireStarFireTM receiver and the Universal Displays receiver and the Universal Displays enable the use of precision guidance systems. The components can be easily transferred from one from one machine to another.

The John Deere Operations CenterTM provides a central platform for managing machine and work related information to make data based decisions quickly and easily. The Machine AnalyzerTM inspects and visualises machine data, for example, to identify service needs in time or to evenly distribute hours between machines.

As part of the GaLaBau 2024, the John Deere Operations Center™ PRO Golf will be presented in Germany for the first time. This course operator management software integrates OnLink into the John Deere Operations CenterTM John Deere Operations CenterTM PRO Golf provides a complete solution for managing golf course maintenance. It provides comprehensive functions to manage machine fleets and human resources. At the same time, it provides a multitude of information that greenkeepers need to manage their assets more efficiently and distribute tasks.

By Alistair July 4, 2024 08:10

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