A look at the course machinery at Toot Hill Golf Club

By Alistair December 28, 2023 08:23

For the last decade, Toot Hill Golf Club has been a committed Toro user. Over that time, the cost of doing business has continued to rise in all kinds of industries; course manager, Tom Cook, has ensured that the kit at Toot Hill Golf Club has evolved to mitigate burdensome and fluctuating expenses by, most recently, acquiring a mix of hybrid and all-electric Toro mowers and utility vehicles.

“Toot Hill is a Toro club, for sure,” Tom remarks. “We’ve been working with them for over 10 years, and I’ve always been impressed with their machinery. Prior to our latest renewal deal, we ran the last fleet for around seven years, and they still worked like a charm.

“Toro is built to last,” he goes on. “I’ve always said Toro cuts a lot better than other brands, and for longer – which is important when you think about the total cost of ownership in our current economic climate.”

Because of the loyalty Tom has for the brand, when the time came to renew Toot Hill’s fleet in the most cost-effective way, it was only ever going to be Toro. “One stand out bit of kit we’ve brought in is the Toro Reelmaster 5010-H hybrid fairway mower, which was a direct response to the rising cost of petrol and diesel,” explains Tom.

As the industry’s first and only reel mower with a true hybrid drive system, the 5010-H pairs a Kubota 24.8 hp diesel engine with an in-line motor generator and a self-recharging 48-volt battery pack. Together, they make up Toro’s patented PowerMatch hybrid power system – an effective remedy for high fuel costs and troublesome leak points.

“When compared to diesel-powered alternatives, the hybrid option was very similar in price; however, in the long-run when you factor in the total cost of ownership, rising fuel costs will make the 5010-H a much more economical option,” Tom comments.

“As far as performance is concerned, it’s a great machine: it cuts very well, especially along the many undulating fairways we have here at Toot Hill. They’re no trouble for the 5010-H!”

In a similar cost-conscious vein, Toot Hill Golf Club has also acquired two models of the new Toro Workman GTX. Powered by lithium-ion technology, Toro’s flagship grounds and turf crossover vehicle has been built from the ground up to deliver hours of high-end performance at just a fraction of the cost.

“There’s the diesel cost-factor again, but also the electric motors are much quieter and that’s something the team has really enjoyed with the utility vehicle; no more headaches and you can get out much earlier in the morning,” Tom concludes. “If the team’s happier, I’m happier! Saving fuel costs on top of that is a bonus.”


By Alistair December 28, 2023 08:23

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