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By Alistair May 9, 2024 08:16

Upholding the pristine condition of golf courses, while navigating the fine line between nurturing turf health and ensuring optimal playability across vast expanses, is a challenge many greenkeepers face in their day-to-day roles. To ensure the precision and efficiency expected of golfers across the course are achieved, Milwaukee Tool’s range of lawn mowers provides a great solution to help professionals complete the job with ease.

Engineered for excellence, the M18 DUAL BATTERY SELF-PROPELLED LAWN MOWER range is available in two distinct sizes: the 53cm (M18 F2LM53-122) and the latest 46cm model (M18 F2LM46-0). The compact deck of the 46cm model allows for easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces, while the powerful performance and precise cutting of both models ensure efficient golf course maintenance.

When it comes to selecting a mower for golf course upkeep, quality is paramount. That’s why the M18 FUEL battery technology is coupled seamlessly with a robust steel deck and precision blade design, preserving the golf course’s pristine appearance with a best-in-class cut, all year round – guaranteeing an exceptional experience for players, even in the rough.

The M18 range of lawn mowers is all about efficiency and convenience for the end user. At its core are two distinct HIGH OUTPUT 18V batteries, which harness cutting-edge M18 FUEL battery technology. This technology empowers professionals with a unified battery platform, enabling seamless integration with various outdoor power equipment. With this system, greenkeepers can efficiently tend to expansive sections of the golf course, minimising interruptions for battery recharge, resulting in exceptional performance without the constraints of gas or cords, offering a cleaner, quieter alternative for golf course maintenance.

Due to the power of the battery system, the 46cm model allows users to cover areas of up to 1,600m² on a single charge using two M18 HIGH OUTPUT 8.0 Ah battery packs, while the 53cm variant can effortlessly cover up to 2,000m² on a single charge using two 12.0 Ah high output batteries. With a self-propelled mechanism and adjustable speed settings, these mowers can help greenkeepers cover large areas of grass efficiently, reducing the time and effort required for mowing tasks.

As greenkeepers seek seamless transitions from lush fairways to thick roughs, adaptability is as important as efficiency. Milwaukee Tool’s M18 lawn mower range provides exceptional flexibility, featuring multiple speed settings, adjustable cutting height and a high lift mode; effortlessly adapting to diverse grass types and wavering conditions on the golf course. Additionally, the three-in-one grass management system enables mulching, bagging or rear side discharge, ensuring greenkeepers can flexibly manage grass clippings based on the specific needs of different golf course areas, providing unmatched cutting precision and user control.

Crafted with precision engineering and powered by M18 FUEL technology, Milwaukee Tool’s M18 DUAL BATTERY SELF-PROPELLED LAWN MOWER range is a testament to quality and innovation in golf course maintenance. These mowers offer more than just efficient grass cutting; they ensure a superior quality of cut all year round, preserving the immaculate appearance and playability of the golf course.

Discover Milwaukee Tool’s full range of outdoor power equipment and battery technology today, visit uk.milwaukeetool.eu


By Alistair May 9, 2024 08:16

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