A Redexim Verti-Drain® 2519 is used at Preston North End

By Alistair May 17, 2023 08:02

A high speed Redexim Verti-Drain® 2519 is delivering outstanding results for the team at Preston North End Football Club, as the team work to complete regular aeration in ever-tighter schedule windows. Currently in use at the club’s new first team training complex at Euxton, head groundsman Peter Ashworth says the ability to verti-drain two or three pitches in one day enables them to meet other maintenance deadlines whilst bringing multiple benefits to overall surface condition.

Peter and his team of six look after a total of nine pitches across two training ground sites and the Deepdale Stadium, who now all have the use of the new 2519 alongside their existing Redexim 7316 Verti-Drain®. “With one machine to operate across all three facilities, we we’re increasingly finding that everybody always needed to use it at the same time!” Peter explains.

“I spoke to Greg Cain at Cheshire Turf Machinery and asked to see the new Redexim machine and were instantly impressed with how quick it was. You could tell from that demonstration, and subsequent periods where we had the opportunity to use the 2519, how much of a difference it would make to the speed of our aeration work.”

The 2519 offers a PTO speed of up to 540rpm which allows it to cover almost 9000m2 per hour when spaced at 165mm. Not just offering high-productivity, the Verti-Drain® 2519 encompasses the very best in Redexim precision engineering to deliver durability and versatility – with a range of tine options capable of delivering effective aeration around the maintenance calendar.

“The first team will be using two or three of the pitches at the Euxton ground every day, so to keep them fit for play we’re mowing them before and after training which leaves little time for anything else. Since we took delivery of the 2519 in January 2023, we’ve been able to factor in aerating a pitch or two amongst our other tasks, which keeps us in control of any compaction and ensures everything stays free draining, particularly during the wetter winter months.”

“Everything is nice and easy to set up and adjust, and my team are enjoying how smooth and quiet it is to operate.” Peter adds, “For me personally, the whole process has been really straight-forward. Like many manufacturers, there were a few hold-ups caused by COVID, but we had brilliant support throughout from both Cheshire Turf Machinery and Redexim, who went the extra mile to help us with a loan machine to get us through a particularly challenging few weeks weather-wise whilst we waited. Now that our 2519 is here, life looks as though it will be much easier!”

By Alistair May 17, 2023 08:02

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