Aerate and clean up in one pass with Nordic Plow’s Core Solutions

By Alistair April 14, 2020 19:45 Updated

Any tool that can complete a labour-intensive process such as core clean up with less manpower will be of interest to greenkeepers, and Core Solutions, a core collecting blade attachment from US-based Nordic Plow, aerates the turf and removes the cores in one pass.

Designed for both golf courses and sports surfaces, this product fits perfectly onto all brands and models of aeration equipment and bunker rakes, such as, but not exclusively, the Toro ProCore 648 and 864 and Toro SandPro, to deliver an efficient and cost-effective way to remove cores from playing surfaces in minutes.

The blade of the Core Solutions attachment has been developed to take into account the fact that aerating with the grain of the green or side to side reduces stress to the turf and results in a flawless measured scrape.

Further advantages include the removable sleeve which removes cores on severely undulated greens without the need for tools and the adjustable scraper edge, which can free float or lock into position. The brushes mean if you topdress first the cores can still be removed if the turf is wet and there’s no issue with small tine clear up. Despite them having less structure and more sand, which normally results in a difficult and time-consuming clean-up, Core Solutions handles this with ease.

Add to this that the lightweight 64-inch collector also creates tall piles of plugs with little spillage and has the added benefit of brushing sand deeper into the holes as it goes, and it’s easy to see why this is the latest addition to UK distributor Reesink’s UK portfolio.


By Alistair April 14, 2020 19:45 Updated

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