Attraxor works by restricting the production of gibberellic acid

By Alistair May 13, 2024 09:49

Finding optimal solutions to manage and maintain amenity turf remains a consistent challenge among greenkeepers, with a growing number of professionals recognising the benefits of introducing plant growth regulators (PGRs), like Attraxor®, into their ongoing strategy. Here, we hear from several of the UK’s top greenkeepers about how Attraxor® has helped them manage and maintain their turf.

The leading PGR in the turf management toolkit, Attraxor® works by restricting the production of gibberellic acid – the plant hormone responsible for cell elongation.

By reducing the level of hormone in the leaf, Attraxor® then redirects the energy within the sward to enhance the root and lateral growth, while upholding consistent turf quality and colour.
PGRs, like Attraxor®, are instrumental in enabling groundkeepers to optimise their often-limited resources efficiently.

Darren McLaughlan, golf courses manager at Trump Turnberry, Ayrshire, agrees and confirms he has seen enhanced turf quality, reduced time spent and costs in maintenance – as well as improved playability.

Trump Turnberry

Darren said: “We recorded growth suppression of average 33 percent as measured by clip rate, so it’s clear that the use of Attraxor® plus natural environmental factors have significantly reduced top growth. The active prohexadione calcium shrinks the Poa seedhead leading to far more consistent ball roll, improved smoothness, and a slight increase in green speed!

“Playability metrics such as green speed and bobble test rating increased dramatically after one application. Our members have also commented on the difference in the greens and the improvement in their play since we began using Attraxor®.”

Attraxor® also limits the spread of Poa annua and reduces seedhead production by up to 38%. By using an innovative formulation for fast leaf absorption, it provides almost instant results as it is activated once diluted in water at low pH.

John Quinn, golf course manager at The Mere Golf Resort and Spa, has been using Attraxor® for three seasons and also says he sees excellent benefits and poa annua reduction from the PGR.


By Alistair May 13, 2024 09:49

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