Bowls greens transformed with organic feeding programme from Suståne

By Alistair June 16, 2021 07:13 Updated

Sixteen bowling greens across Hampshire and South Dorset have undergone a huge transformation thanks to new maintenance contractor Paul Wright and his organic approach to turf nutrition. Utilising a range of products from across the Suståne portfolio, some of the greens are now 100 percent organic, and the remainder are not far away – with all seeing improvements in density, strength and overall plant health.

Following recommendations and some first-hand experience in his years spent contracting on golf courses, Paul has now been using Suståne products for six years. “I got to know Suståne’s Russell Riley and speaking with him was the final confirmation I needed that converting fully over to organic feeding was the way to go. With assistance from fellow contractor Steve Hill, I took over the maintenance of the bowling greens which had previously been undertaken by the local councils and came straight in with the organic approach.”

The programme consists of Suståne 4-6-4 slow-release fertiliser through the winter, switching to 5-2-4+Fe fine grade for late summer application to provide a quick, even green-up followed by long-lasting sources of organic nitrogen. This is supplemented with applications of Suståne’s Turf Revival 6-2-4 in the spring and Bolster humic acid bio-stimulant, blended with seaweed & iron, which is applied periodically over 10 months of the year to boost the swards tolerance to stresses – drought, salt and disease.

“Within a timeframe of just two or three seasons, you can see the effects and benefits of the organic feeds as you overcome any inherited problems. After this, and in conjunction with the regular mechanical maintenance, you end up in a situation where the sward is denser, with better rooting structure and improved resistance to disease. Because of this, and especially on those greens that are now 100% organic, we are also enjoying being herbicide and fungicide free.”

“From an application perspective” Paul adds, “it feels cleaner and better for me than spraying various chemicals all day long and in turn it’s better for any people around and the players themselves as they now return to the greens post-lockdown.” He concludes, “Being able to say you’re organic is one thing but ultimately if the products don’t deliver results, then you quickly find yourself out on your ear! With 16 contracts and counting, it’s safe to say that the effectiveness of the Suståne products speak for themselves.”


By Alistair June 16, 2021 07:13 Updated

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