BTME: EcoBunker to be at new, bigger stand

By Alistair January 7, 2018 06:28 Updated

Stand C53 is a new location for EcoBunker, in its fourth year at the forthcoming BTME event.

The corner stand offers more floor space and this is essential to effectively demonstrate the range of new innovations and services that it has developed.

Since the last show, the company has grown rapidly. The recruitment of high calibre individuals, including Huw Morgan MG, who joined as technical manager in October 2017, has strengthened the team and widened the skills base.

Richard Allen CEO explained: “2017 was a huge year for our company as we witnessed a widespread acceptance of our synthetic bunker edge technology.

“The ‘stigma’ associated with artificial grass is rapidly melting away as the evidence mounts of the benefits it can bring when used appropriately on any golf course. This attitude shift has greatly increased demand for EcoBunker’s products and services. The only way to respond, and maintain our commitment to excellent customer service was by recruiting, and we are very lucky to have people like Huw and Llewellyn (Matthews) in our team.”

The team expansion has also provided other benefits. As a civil engineer with over 27 years of design experience, Richard has been able to devote more time to his areas of expertise: innovation, design and construction. As a result, the company has been able to successfully introduce new and improved build systems for golf courses and the landscaping sector, including EcoBunker Advanced (a stronger and more efficient bunker wall design) and Aquaedge, a neat and effective solution for water margins.


Those who are interested in Ecobunker, and would like to be the first to hear some exciting breaking news can also meet the EcoBunker team at a press conference in the Media Centre at 10:30am on Wednesday, January 24.

Stand C53


By Alistair January 7, 2018 06:28 Updated

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