BTME Preview: Charterhouse Turf Machinery

By Alistair January 10, 2020 10:09 Updated

A brand-new addition to the renowned Redexim Verti-Drain range will be a particular highlight on the Charterhouse Turf Machinery stand at BTME 2020. Expanding the existing offering with a new 1.9m working width, it is ideal for use on a variety of turf surfaces. Visitors to stand 432 in the Purple Zone will also be able to find out about the new 6m wide Top-Brush for course presentation, removal of organic matter and dispersal of worm casts.

The Verti-Drain 2519 is considered the next generation of high-speed, high-productivity aerator. It combines it’s 1.9m working width with a variable working depth of up to 250mm (10”) and can accept a range of tine options including 12mm and 19mm solid tines, as well as hollow tines for coring. This versatility makes it a popular choice with greenkeepers, groundsmen and contractors alike looking for a machine suitable for year-round operation. As standard, the 2519 features user-friendly controls, an easy to adjust heave lever and a new draw rod system. Together with new features, it also comes with new styling and livery.

As well as updates to the aeration portfolio, Charterhouse will also be launching a new tool into their brush range. As an ever-increasing number of chemicals continue to be withdrawn from the market, Course Managers are turning to mechanical forms of maintenance to keep surfaces balanced and reduce contributing factors to disease. Brushing stands the grass plant upright, helping to achieve a cleaner quality of cut and can rid the surface of excess moisture and dew to maintain good airflow through the turf canopy.

The Redexim Top-Brush’s 6m working width makes it ideal for large areas such as golf fairways and sports pitches. It is comprised of 3 poly brushes, that can be accurately set to the desired depth to achieve a light surface brush-in or more aggressively loosen surface material. The ‘wings’ can then be hydraulically lifted and folded for convenient transportation and storage.


By Alistair January 10, 2020 10:09 Updated

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