BTME Preview: Origin Amenity Solutions

By Alistair February 25, 2022 08:54

Origin Amenity Solutions is a new name to BTME but its group members are well known and highly regarded. Working together, but retaining individual identities and areas of expertise – Headland, Rigby Taylor, Symbio and TurfKeeper – offer turf professionals, the widest, most comprehensive choice for achieving success across all aspects of plant health, growth, protection, appearance, control and sustainability. Complementing and supporting these industry-leading companies is a new UK based, research and development led Turf Science & Technology Centre that positions Origin Amenity Solutions as the leading force within the amenity industry. Visit stand 424 (Purple Zone) to enter a competition to win life saving technology for your club and winter warmth for your team.

Stand 424 Purple Zone: Headland Amenity will be in a new location this year but the same technical team will be on hand to discuss your needs and focusing on the very latest in disease prevention methods. Headland has, over 14 years, trials data on various disease prevention strategies including the popular 20.20.30 mix, and are committed to continued investment in many research areas. Come and talk to us over a cup of coffee about some of our latest trial work, and how best we can help you with your specific issues.

Stand 424/425 Purple Zone: With over a century of product supply and customer support Rigby Taylor will again be introducing inventive solutions for turf health problems. Previous Innovation Award winners, the company has once again succeeded in bringing to the industry the latest, most advanced line marking robot and impact paint partnership. Also on the stand will be featured Rain Bird’s leading irrigation rotors and controllers, POGO and Soil Scout, digital above and below ground monitoring devices, advanced tetraploid grass seeds and cutting edge granular fertilizers and innovative liquid nutrient supplements. In addition, the TLM robotic line markers will be on display, together with the award winning Impact ready-to-use paint. All for discussion over a free cup of coffee!

Stand 424 Purple Zone: With over 30 years’ experience, Symbio has helped customers solve common sports turf problems by developing healthy biologically active rootzones. If your turf suffers from excessive thatch, disease, dry patch, fairy rings, poa annua invasion, poor germination, compaction, slow drainage, shallow rooting, high fertiliser inputs, nematodes or patchy growth, then the relationship between your root zone’s biology, chemistry and physics is out of balance. Symbio has developed low cost, easy to apply remedies that create a healthy rootzone to solve problems, not just mask symptoms with expensive, short-term solutions. Visit us to cut costs and improve your playing surfaces.

Stand 404 Purple Zone: TurfKeeper will be showcasing for the first time at BTME the latest addition to its tech offering, the “TurfKeeper Beacon” app that enables users to set permissions allowing push notifications to be sent directly to mobile phones whenever tasks are added, edited and completed. This coupled with the extremely popular ‘Digital Whiteboard’ feature further enhances the system’s modern approach to communicating daily tasks and work to staff members in the field on the fly. All this and more makes TurfKeeper the number stand to visit. Pop along for a tour and see what TurfKeeper can do for you!

By Alistair February 25, 2022 08:54

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