BTME visitors can see both the CubCadet INFINICUT® and ATT TMSystem™

By Alistair January 6, 2018 06:16 Updated

The CubCadet INFINICUT® and ATT TMSystem™ can offer tangible benefits to the management of fine turf surfaces. Established as easily the best triplex and light fairway cassette system available, as well as the most technologically advanced mower on the market, visitors to stand M7 at BTME 2018 will be able to familiarise themselves with both products.

Unlocking the full potential of all main-stream makes of triplex greens mowers and lightweight fairway mowers, the unique ATT TMSystem™ continues to be utilised by astute Greenkeepers the world over to maintain fine turf. With the continued non-renewal of plant protection products, skilful mechanical maintenance of turf grass has never been more necessary. During these challenging times, turf managers must ensure the plant and its immediate vicinity is preserved in a manner to encourage a suitable micro-environment able to tolerate environmental stress. In this regard, the carefully engineered TMSystem™ excels. Whether the objective is organic matter reduction, grain control, soil gas/air exchange, green speed manipulation, or just top-dressing integration, there is an appropriate ATT SMART cassette to meet the need.

For those turf managers that wish to perform the same maintenance tasks with a pedestrian mower, the TMSystem™ can be coupled with the highly-regarded CubCadet INFINCUT® mower. The most technologically advanced mower available to turf managers, the INFINCUT® comes in several guises. The 21” and 22” find homes primarily on golf greens, bowling greens, cricket wickets and tennis courts, the bigger 26” version is happily employed on tee boxes, collars and approaches while the 30” and 34” versions are setting the industry benchmark for higher heights of cut as seen on football and rugby pitches. The entire INFINICUT® range uses lithium power and has class leading vibration and noise data resulting in a comfortable user experience.

Stand: M7


By Alistair January 6, 2018 06:16 Updated

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