Camberley Heath welcomes AIR-EZE FAIRWAY Shoe Cleaner

By Alistair March 21, 2024 09:08

Camberley Heath Golf Club, synonymous with refined golfing experiences, takes a bold step forward in elevating its fairways with the installation of the cutting-edge AIR-EZE FAIRWAY Shoe Cleaner.

Striding into excellence

The picturesque grounds of Camberley Heath now boasts an added touch of sophistication. Golfers can anticipate an immaculate playing experience as they step onto the pristine fairways, their footwear expertly cleaned by the state-of-the-art AIR-EZE technology.

Seamless integration

Tailored to the needs of Camberley Heath, the installation seamlessly integrates with the club’s commitment to excellence. The AIR-EZE FAIRWAY Shoe Cleaner efficiently manages foot traffic, ensuring that each golfer experiences the utmost cleanliness and convenience.

Rave reviews

Early reviews from Camberley Heath Golf Club members echo excitement and satisfaction. The introduction of AIR-EZE not only aligns with the club’s pursuit of perfection but also enhances the overall golfing ambiance, creating a lasting impression on all who tee off.

In conclusion, the AIR-EZE FAIRWAY Shoe Cleaner installation at Camberley Heath marks a stride into elegance and a commitment to providing an unparalleled golfing experience.”


By Alistair March 21, 2024 09:08

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