ClearWater Recycling System installed at an East Midlands private boarding and day school

By Alistair February 21, 2024 08:23

A private boarding and day school in the East Midlands area sought an effective water management solution to maintain its sports pitches while complying with water regulations and environmental directives. The installation of a ClearWater recycling system, featuring a 5,000-litre capacity and two hoses, was proposed by the ClearWater team to optimise water usage and promote sustainability.

The challenge

The school faced the challenge of managing multiple sports pitches including a rugby, cricket, football, and tennis court, while adhering to water regulations and environmental standards. The need for a robust water recycling system was crucial to minimise water consumption, reduce environmental impact, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

The solution

The Clearwater team worked on providing a bespoke solution for the school that includes of a 5,000-litre, dual-hose ClearWater recycling system was strategically on the grounds. A concrete-enclosed pad was added to minimise splash and spray during operation. The team ensured ample space was measured for a fuel dispensing tank to contain contaminants in a bunded area, mitigating pollution risks. The pad’s large footprint, also features two grass traps, to anticipate for the future growth needs of the school.

The outcome

The water management system at the school optimises water usage, reduces consumption for sports field maintenance, promotes responsible water practices and ensures compliance with The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009 and the EU Water Framework Directive.


The ClearWater recycling system not only addressed the immediate water management challenges faced by the school but also positioned it as a leader in environmental stewardship within the educational sector.

By Alistair February 21, 2024 08:23

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