Closed course ‘being used as a football pitch’

By Alistair May 19, 2022 09:24

A golf course that has temporarily closed due to its council’s budgeting crisis is now being used as a football pitch, threatening its future, according to reports.

Brackenwood Golf Course in Wirral closed at the beginning of April as the council is looking for a new operator.

Incredibly, on the day it closed an unexploded bomb was taken to the venue to be detonated, and now there are reports that ‘the condition of the course has taken a hit’.

Reported in The Golf Business, Keith Marsh, secretary of the men’s section at the club, said: “It is worrying if this continues.

“We can’t say why it’s been done, but we are aware that people play football on the course now as there are no flags in the holes and people don’t see a golf course there anymore.

“Marker posts have been pulled out and dragged into the pond. We’ve had vandalism in the past but not on this scale, concentrated in such a short space of time.

“The damage is not irreversible, it can be repaired. But repairs take time to bed in and with more and more damage there is a cost element to those repairs.

“I’m still hopeful [the course will be saved], having spoken to three potential operators they are all still very keen to take it over as soon as possible. That’s one thing we want as it’s just starting to get into the growing season.”

There has also been a report that a fire was deliberately started at the venue.


By Alistair May 19, 2022 09:24

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