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By Alistair June 22, 2024 10:55

When considering the desirable qualities of a walk behind cylinder mower, outstanding quality of cut is likely to top of the list, quickly followed by robust build quality and reliability. With the pedestrian range from Baroness, turf managers can be assured of ticking every box – not just delivering Samurai sword sharpness but a cylinder designed to stay on cut longer than the competition, delivering ultimate quality and finesse for the management of fine turf surfaces.

The Baroness LM56-66 series is proof that solid build doesn’t have to mean heavy weight, with the 56cm and 66cm models among the lightest in their class. Highly manoeuvrable, the LM56GC is ideal for use of golf greens and tees, bowling greens, tennis courts and cricket pitches, powered by a Honda GX120 4-stroke petrol engine and designed with ergonomic control at its core for optimal operator comfort.

Along with the slightly wider LM66TC/GC model, the Baroness design incorporates traditional all-gear drive – delivering 100% transmission rate with no slippage or lag between the drive to reel rotation ratio. In addition, the durability of this system compared to belt or chain drive is extremely high, providing additional peace of mind that a balanced cut will be achieved with every operation.

The renowned cylinder is manufactured from Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel which, when combined with specially hardened-tipped bedknives, retains the sharpest cutting edge for longer than any other brand. This quality makes Baroness the solution for a clean cut on all grass types, helping to promote healthy growth and contributing to surfaces that are less vulnerable to disease.

A five-year warranty is available on the Baroness LM56-66 series as standard, while a range of attachments including a bi-directional front grooming reel, de-thatching reel or brush to convert the unit into a versatile maintenance system are also available.

For a precision cut on undulating ground, the Baroness LM101 incorporates the aforementioned benefits into their best floating head greens mower design to date. With the mower unit independent from the drive unit, and the grass box independent of the mower unit, the operator can assured of a consistent cut height and an impeccable quality of finish. The LM101 also features the shortest distance between front and rear rollers, and an 11-blade 4” diameter reel to eliminate the risk of scalping.

By Alistair June 22, 2024 10:55

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