Company profile: TURF Handels GmbH

By Alistair September 13, 2021 10:56 Updated

TURF Handels GmbH was founded in Austria in 1994 by Stephan Breisach, a recognised expert for golf course care, consulting and educator at greenkeeper academies. As an expert in grass fertilising and turf care, the aim from the very start was to establish TURF as a competent partner for the care of high-quality grass areas. At this point, TURF advises and supplies more than 700 golf and sports courses in Central Europe with fertilisers, seeds, machines, spare parts and aeration tools.

JRM, Inc. is the market leader in aeration tools and stands out for its innovative inventions aimed at durability and perfect quality of work. Product innovations such as the DILLENNIUMTM attachment, the INFINITYTM product line and the best small hollow tine on the market, called Samurai, are the results of these developments. JRM’s goal is to provide the golf industry with the best possible products.

JRM Infinity tines feature harder steel and an extra heat treat process to protect the tip. These tines last 2 to 3 times longer on average than its equivalent standard part. More importantly, they provide a more consistent hole depth and outside diameter from hole 1 to 18.

TURF brought JRM products to Europe in 1998 and distributes the full range of products directly and through local distributors throughout Europe. TURF now offers exclusively more than 500 JRM tines, bedknives and blades for all well-known machine brands in a newly launched web shop. Find your matching parts with a sophisticated search engine and order directly from the European JRM distributor at

If you are still unsure or need in-depth advice, do not hesitate to contact TURF by email, contact form on the website or phone. Together with the TURF team you will find the optimal parts fitting your requirements.


By Alistair September 13, 2021 10:56 Updated

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