Discover the GPS-guided TinyMobileRobot line marker

By Alistair April 17, 2024 08:44

Based in Wiltshire, Kinsey Premiere Services is a family-run grounds maintenance company serving educational facilities, commercial properties, and private residencies in Wiltshire and beyond.

Gary Kinsey established the family business in 2010 and expanded to grounds maintenance just two years later in 2012.

The company provides line-marking services to schools, councils, and amateur football and rugby clubs. They initially relied on a Transfer Wheel marker but quickly upgraded to a Fleet Beam Rider for precise line marking. However, they found that the time-consuming nature of initial markings prompted the exploration of alternative solutions. Operations Manager, Elliot Kinsey explains, “I was impressed by Origin Amenity Solutions Simon Hughes’ demonstration of the TinyMobileRobot line marker and was drawn to the device due to its manageable size, lightweight construction, and remarkable versatility. Its ability to seamlessly adapt to various marking tasks, from precise line markings to intricate designs, made it an attractive and invaluable addition to our equipment arsenal.”

TinyMobileRobots is marketed and distributed exclusively in the UK by Origin Amenity Solutions who have one of largest dedicated line marking teams in the UK.

Packed with a range of innovative features, the GPS-guided robots are designed to make line-marking projects as reliable, streamlined, and effortless as possible. Their low weight enables them to be lifted easily by one person and the small size means they can fit into a regular-sized car and be transported from one location to another easily.

The Origin Amenity Solutions team provides onsite training, maintenance, and general advice. Elliot has found the “technical support package very helpful; we’ve received excellent support whenever we’ve needed it, ensuring we deliver our clients’ requirements on time and within budget.”

Origin Amenity Solutions has recently launched a new and improved model – the TLM Pro X, which boasts even more improvements, including general upgrades to the hardware and software, enhanced electronics, and the addition of buttons to activate the pump and nozzle, enabling users to manually prime, clean and test. Elliot concludes, “As and when necessary, we will look to expand our TinyMobileRobot fleet accordingly.”


By Alistair April 17, 2024 08:44

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