Effective, targeted weed control from Headland Amenity

By Alistair July 20, 2022 08:40

When temperatures start to rise and new season growth commences, we start to observe the ingress of many unwelcome weed species in amenity and professional lawncare situations. Headland Amenity has a comprehensive collection of selective herbicides which offer the safe, efficient and targeted control of invasive, broad-leaved and difficult-to-manage weed species – all without detriment to the health of the surrounding plants.

Firstly, Headland offers the now well established Cabadex® formulation. Cabadex® is proven to be highly effective at combating some difficult weed species that many other formulations may leave unchecked, including Yellow Suckling Clover and Common Daisy. The product can be used on young, newly sown turf as early as second leaf stage.

Also suitable for use on newly sown turf when applied at a lower rate is Enstar, a powerful three-way selective herbicide for the control of a wide range of weeds including Slender Speedwell, Creeping Buttercup and Yellow Suckling Clover. Along with Quickfire®, an economical turf herbicide which features two tried and tested active ingredients (Mecoprop-P and Dicamba) for effective broad spectrum weed control, Enstar can be safely used through knapsack equipment in addition to boom sprayers. Both products also allow for two applications per year if necessary.

Completing the line-up is Blaster® Pro foliar applied herbicide, which provides control for a range of difficult perennial weeds such as Brambles, Nettles, Docks and Thistles. Blaster® Pro can be used on amenity grassland such as golf course roughs once established for at least one year, but its simple single rate of application makes it a popular choice for larger-scale spot application on roadside verges, cemeteries and industrial areas.

By Alistair July 20, 2022 08:40

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