Experience the Aspen difference with new offer launching at APF 2022

By Alistair August 30, 2022 08:55

Alkylate petrol pioneer Aspen is back at APF for 2022, showcasing the benefits of its ethanol-free fuel for two and four-stroke engines. Founded in 1988, Aspen has long been helping to improve operator working conditions, enhance engine performance and reduce the negative impact on the environment – and it’s so confident you’ll agree that visitors to stand D1A can now trial Aspen Fuel with a new money back guarantee!

Being free from ethanol, benzene and many of the other hazardous hydrocarbons found in traditional pump fuel, Aspen alkylate petrol has been proven to improve equipment performance and reduce the wear on engine components. The cleaner burn not only brings benefit for your equipment, but significantly reduces pollutants into the atmosphere – better for both people and the planet.

These benefits have seen Aspen become a popular choice with professionals, who also enjoy the convenience of having Aspen delivered in bulk, by the can or drum, directly to their site. For those yet to experience the difference, Aspen is introducing a new incentive at APF 2022 where, subject to a bulk purchase, operators can trial Aspen with an option to return the fuel if they change their mind.

Commenting on the offer, business development manager Axel Hildebrand said, “Aspen has a tried and tested record of making a real difference to the working conditions for arb and grounds contractors of all sizes up and down the country. However, all too often, we find people are tentative to give it a try! This initiative will give people the opportunity to put Aspen to the test in their own working environments, and we’re confident that once people discover first-hand the improvements it can make to sustainable working that they’ll not look back.”

By Alistair August 30, 2022 08:55

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