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By Alistair May 12, 2022 08:55

An irrigation system is the life-blood of your course: it’s complex, far reaching and its value cannot be underestimated; without it your course simply will not survive, let alone, thrive.

Backwards and forwards irrigation compatibility means your system is future-proofed and easily updated. Here we explore the technology that brings innovation through renovation.


Backward compatibility is a design that is compatible with previous versions of itself. Forward compatibility is a design that is compatible with future versions of itself.

Getting the best from an existing irrigation system. The sprinkler is an integral part of an irrigation system, but you may not need to replace a complete sprinkler body. Modern nozzle technology can extend the life of an existing sprinkler body. So, too, can system control software. This is a part of irrigation development that is really worth looking into, as modern control software can make it so much easier to get the best from an existing irrigation system

Did you know all Toro large golf sprinkler bodies can be retrofitted?

It seems to be a misconception that if you choose a Toro sprinkler at the point of installation, it’s what you’re stuck with forever. Well, that’s not a bad thing, but we’re here to bust that myth, nonetheless.

The beauty of today’s innovative sprinklers is that pretty much whichever brand you choose, they’re all forwards and backwards compatible, but Toro especially!

Innovative upgrades since the 1960s

Toro sprinklers dating back to the 1960s are forwards compatible and can be easily upgraded with the latest design features. Plus, Toro technology can be easily fitted into a different brand’s sprinkler head. Everything from the casing to the risers can be swapped.

From the 600 model of pop-up sprinklers first launched back in the 1960s, the 700 series first seen in the 1990s to the Flex 800 units first seen in 2004, the sprinkler heads can be easily interchanged with, for example, Toro sprinkler head conversion assemblies in a literal minute! The sprinkler stays in the ground, the riser pops out and is replaced. The future-proof construction of Toro’s Infinity sprinklers means they can accept new technology for decades to come, while the Smart Access feature allows the sprinklers to be upgraded from the top down to make future upgrades faster, easier and cheaper.

Easy installation

The existing sprinkler body is simply fitted with the latest Toro head technology, not just replacing new for old, but for more precision, accuracy, efficiency and economy. These upgrades can mostly be made without the need for mini-excavators and massive disruption, and also cut sprinkler maintenance down from hours to minutes.

Robert Jackson, water division sales manager at Reesink Turfcare, the sole Toro distributor in the UK for irrigation products, says: “Longevity has been key to Toro’s irrigation strategy since its early development. For some clubs, looking to update an ageing irrigation system could mean the requirement of a specialist and months of delays to play, but with Toro’s upgradeable sprinklers that is not the case. Interchangeable sprinkler head technology means far less disruption for a more efficient solution.”

Address specific issues

In one quick fix, you can address specific irrigation needs and problems. Cut down some trees and got a windier course? You need a lower trajectory. Easily done without the need for a spade. Are your components old? Toro’s the solution, not just replacing old for new, but for more durability. Do you want to achieve a strict start-stop arc without unwanted movement, eliminate dwell points and subsequent pooling or ensure even distribution? Tick, tick, tick from Toro, with no disruption.

Plenty of choice

Toro Infinity

There are six different types of Infinity sprinkler head depending on your requirements and all bring increased efficiency, enhanced course appearance and improved playing conditions, for which Toro is renowned, but with the big, added benefit of ‘Smart Access’.

With Smart Access, Toro has designed a sprinkler in which every element – big or small, mechanical or electrical – is easily accessible from the top of the unit. Therefore, sprinkler maintenance has never been easier.

It means an end to digging out the sprinklers for adjustments, avoiding consequent damage to the playing surface and all the time-consuming rectifying work needed to make good.

Plus, with part / full circle drives, you can simply and economically adjust the area of coverage to match seasonal watering needs. No disassembly or additional parts required.


• Part / full circle drive
• Hot spot watering
• Adjustment with no disassembly
• 35 sprinklers feature eight nozzle variations
• 55 sprinklers feature nine nozzle variations

Toro Flex

The FLEX Series provides exceptional nozzle performance especially in windy applications, at the 15 degree low angle position. The constant velocity drive ensures even water application across the coverage area every time you water.

With the industry’s largest selection of high-performance nozzles from 15.8–27.7m, plus a wide assortment of back nozzles, you put the precise amount of water you need exactly where you want it.


• Dual trajectory adjustment of the main nozzle – 25 or 15 degrees
• Conversion Assemblies available to economically upgrade your existing Toro system
• Optional radius reduction screw
• Constant velocity drive

Technical Training

Did you know, that for as long as you have a Toro irrigation system you have access to Reesink’s fully-trained, experienced irrigation technicians?

Having a Toro system brings huge benefits to your course and Reesink is dedicated to providing as much support as needed, so customers can be sure they’re utilising the technology at their fingertips to the best of its advantage. The service is available for both new and existing Toro customers.

Toro sprinklers first launched in the late 1960s can have their heads swapped to the latest design with no need for expensive groundworks. Service kits allow nozzles to be swapped and changed too, reducing overall upgrade costs as well as boosting system efficiency


The full range of Toro sprinklers for golf courses are built to be dependable and robust, but they are also highly efficient and accurate with clever innovative features to make your job as a greenkeeper easier. These include easy arc adjustment, ratcheting risers, higher pop-up heights, Smart Access for ease of service, forwards-backwards compatibility, and some of the most efficient nozzles available.

What next?

With Toro, it’s so simple to benefit from the latest innovative market-leading technology. And it’s not all about backwards fixing the past. When choosing your new irrigation system, it’s very much about the ‘now’ and with all Toro sprinklers forwards compatible, it’s definitely all about the future too.

So, give Reesink Turfcare, the sole Toro distributor in the UK for golf and sports fields equipment and irrigation products, a call to discuss your options on 01480 226800 or go online

By Alistair May 12, 2022 08:55

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