Gaudet Luce Golf Club embarks on wildflower project

By Alistair March 28, 2024 09:22

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Droitwich, Worcestershire, Gaudet Luce Golf Club has embarked on an impressive wildflower project under the guidance of course manager Andy Laing.

The stunning results achieved can be attributed to the use of DLF’s Colour Boost range, demonstrating the positive impact it can have on both the golfing experience and the local environment.
Founded in 1995, Gaudet Luce Golf Club has established itself as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts in Worcestershire. With an 18-hole Phoenix Course and a 9-hole par 3 Hadzor Course, the club caters to golfers of all skill levels.

Playing a pivotal role in the transformation of Gaudet Luce’s landscape is DLF’s Colour Boost range. This carefully crafted mixture of wildflowers and garden flowering species not only enhances visual appeal but also supports local wildlife and restores critical habitats.

Ideal for landscaping projects, the Colour Boost range is designed to bring colour, biodiversity, and interest to any space.

Among the varieties in the Colour Boost range, Andy opted for the Chameleon mixture for Gaudet Luce’s wildflower project. Comprising over 40 species and subspecies, this dynamic blend ensures a constantly changing display of colours and forms throughout the growing season. It has proven to be a consistent performer, offering a dazzling show from spring to November.

Reflecting on the success of the wildflower project, Andy shared insights into the club’s journey. “In 2011, we experimented with perennial wildflower mixes, but they proved hard to establish.

Shifting our focus to annual wildflower mixes in 2012, we now have approximately 15 wildflower areas across the course,” he explained, emphasising the importance of meticulous preparation.

On the choice of the Chameleon mixture, Andy expressed, “The mixture we chose was Chameleon from Colour Boost, offering over 40 different varieties for successional flowering. The mixes change throughout the year, continuing to flower through to November, with the first frosts.”

Highlighting the environmental impact of the initiative, Andy noted, “The abundance of bees and insects has been phenomenal.” Leaving the wildflowers, once they had stopped flowering, over winter also proved effective, attracting birds to feed on the leftovers. Customer feedback has been exceptional, with visitors now expecting and appreciating the vibrant wildflower displays as an integral part of the golfing experience at Gaudet Luce.

Matt Gresty, MM, and Designer Sales and Brand Manager for DLF, played a supportive role in the project. Andy acknowledged, “Matt has helped us with sound advice,” highlighting the collaborative effort between Gaudet Luce Golf Club and DLF.

Gaudet Luce Golf Club’s commitment to the wildflower project, coupled with the success of DLF’s Colour Boost range, showcases how careful planning and quality products can transform a golf course into a biodiverse and visually stunning landscape. The vibrant wildflower displays not only enhance the golfing experience but also contribute to the overall well-being of local ecosystems.


By Alistair March 28, 2024 09:22

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